Case study

Forecasting the potential success and revenue 

Business challenge

  • The manufacturer offers different brands for the professional market, each with its own value proposition, brand image and target audience. Within different countries, these brands occupy different positions in a very competitive market, going from market leaders in some countries to challengers in other. 
  • Depending on the market situation they aim to solidify or strengthen each brand’s position versus competition by inciting trial, building brand loyalty and communicating the right brand image. 




Business needs

  • How are the brands performing on key performance indicators (awareness, preference, buying intention, usage, loyalty and recommendation) against competition and over time?  
  • What is our position in the market place in its competitive environment? And how does this differ by segment? How did communication campaigns impact the positioning?  
  • What is the ideal positioning in the professional market? What do we need to work on in order to attain that position and which competitors will we then face?  
  • What drives market preference? How are we performing for these high impact drivers? Which actions are required in order to boost market preference?  

b²sense approach

  • Professional tradesmen were identified based on a specialised database and subsequently screened in order to make sure that they were eligible for the interview. Moreover, we imposed quota in terms of regions and size in order to allow for specific analyses by segment.  
  • We interviewed the main decision maker, in charge of selecting the brands used by the company.  
  • Professional trademen are very busy people. Therefore we opted to interview them by phone and be as flexible as possible for guaranteeing a good response rate and representation of this population.  
  • We interview 350 to 1000 professional tradesmen in 5 to 12 countries each year.  



  • The survey clearly points out which brands perform strongest and weakest, which future positioning routes are recommendable and what actions are required to reach that goal.  
  • A list of detailed high-priority improvement areas was drawn for each brand and country, so that local management could identify the key areas in which an investment is required. 
  • Insight reports were prepared for each country as well as a multi-country overview for global management. After presenting the results, local teams could start developing their action plan. 

Sector: Chemical 

Pillar: Brand


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