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Sector challenges and solutions

Whilst always at the forefront of innovation, shortages in resources, rising energy costs and a drive for more sustainable technologies means the technology and equipment sector is experiencing a period of rapid change. Based on our extensive b2b market research expertise across many subsectors, channels, target groups and countries, we know how to identify and deal with emerging challenges accordingly. This way, we can think with our clients to deliver value-adding insights that help pinpoint relevant growth opportunities throughout the value chain.

In changing economic climates and contexts where opportunities for product differentiation are limited, understanding your customer’s needs and offering excellent service and support is critical for businesses to gain a competitive advantage in current or new markets. We understand that tackling these challenges requires flexibility and an approach tailored to our clients’ specific context. Our relevant sector experience allows us to help our clients via a range of research solutions. From describing markets and gauging product performance to monitoring the overall level of customer satisfaction and evaluate specific customer touch points – we use the essential tools to help our clients continuously improve their product, its route-to-market and customer service.

We ensure our research teams remain up-to-date on relevant trends and developments that allow them to swiftly navigate the fast-paced industry and technology contexts. As such, our teams are eager to guide our clients along every step of the way, tackling b2b and b2c challenges methodically, accurately and quickly. Where needed, we work with sector partners from our international network to assist with implementing both tactical and strategic solutions to our insights.

In a fast-moving and global sector, industry and technology stakeholders are busy professionals that can be hard to reach. We offer a deep understanding of the various target groups and know how to identify, recruit and ask them the most relevant questions in function of the focus of the project. This, combined with our in-house callcenter and access to vast online panels and business databases, means we can facilitate just about any client request efficiently.

Keeping you connected

We have experience in interviewing target groups across the full extent of the value chain

  • R&D
  • Component manufacturers / OEM
  • Distributors / Wholesalers
  • Exporters


  • Helpdesks
  • Repairs & servicing
  • Contractors
  • Logistics


  • Retail
  • Vendors / Franchise
  • Integrators
  • Channel partners


  • Consumers
  • Professionals end-users
  • Business managers
  • Small & home offices


b²sense provides a unique and immersive ability to understand our business sector from our perspective and needs. Combined with great flexibility and attention to detail, they always go the extra mile to think with us about solutions and future steps.
The b²sense team is really responsive, even after the project has been delivered. Every time I’ve asked for additional information, they were very willing and quick to deliver. I also appreciate their critical, yet open and holistic approach of looking at market research methodologies, always wanting to offer the best value for money.
Thank you so much for the clear, qualitative & very complete report! I am really very satisfied with the end result, we will certainly be able to continue with this.

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