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The Energy sector is a highly competitive and dynamic sector where changing economic factors, (eco-)legislation and consumer preferences require constant evolution. This makes for an interesting, yet often complex context for businesses to navigate and understand. Our extensive sector expertise enables us to think with our clients and effectively meet any emerging b2b challenges.

Rising energy costs and a transition towards producing more efficient and clean energy means customer loyalty as well as traditional divisions and relations between producers and consumers are under pressure. As such, flexibility and a tailored approach remain key to identify and monitor consumer/ business’s needs and expectations as well as what innovations (e.g. (home)charging stations, solar, wind technologies, …) are offered across the sector. Due to our continued presence in market research for the energy sector, we make it our goal to constantly move with the latest trends and developments, allowing us and our clients to break down and navigate the sector’s complex contexts together.

We take care to get the basics right and draw from our vast and proven methodological inventory to ensure we capture the right information at the right stage in the research. Our teams are eager to guide our clients along every step of the way, tackling b2b challenges accurately and quickly. To make the most of the tailored insights we provide, we can rely on an international network of sector experts and partners to assist with implementing strategic and actionable solutions when and where required.

With divisions between energy stakeholder being increasingly unclear, it is important to reach the right people and organisations. We don’t just have a conversation with any decision makers, we identify and convince the most appropriate target group in function of the focus of a project. This combined with our in-house callcenter and access to business databases means we can facilitate just about any client request efficiently.

Keeping you connected

We have experience in interviewing target groups across the full extent of the value chain

  • Energy generators/producers
  • Battery producers


  • Energy suppliers
  • Transmission system operators
  • Distribution System Operators


  • Energy suppliers
  • Solar panel providers
  • EV Charging station providers


  • Industrial users
  • Professional users
  • Syndics
  • Consumers

End users

We have worked with b²sense for many years and know their research team as being a highly knowledgeable, professional and flexible group of people that genuinely care about helping professionals across our sector.
Thank you so much for the clear, qualitative & very complete report! I am really very satisfied with the end result, we will certainly be able to continue with this.
Communication with b²sense is always swift & transparent which makes for easy collaboration and timely insights’ delivery. Everyone takes their responsibility at all times, so as a client, you always know where you stand!

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