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Sector challenges and Solutions

Financial services are making significant efforts to ensure their products and services continue to satisfy and attract customers. With years of market research experience in areas ranging from commercial/ investment banking and insurance to (e-)payment solutions and many more, we know how to identify and deal with emerging challenges accordingly. This allows us to think with our clients and to deliver value-adding insights that help them understand relevant b2b and b2c needs and expectations, as well as pinpoint growth opportunities.

Volatile economic climates and fast rates of technological developments impact spending power, interest rates, etc and alter both consumer and businesses’ needs and expectations. These changes require flexibility and know-how to tailor to our clients’ specific context. From describing your markets and measuring the strength of your brand to identifying promising innovations and improving customer experiences, together with our clients we build the most suitable research programme. For this, we ensure our researchers remain up-to-date on relevant trends and developments that allow them to swiftly navigate the complex contexts of banking and financial services.


Our teams are eager to guide our clients along every step of the way, tackling b2b and b2c challenges methodically, accurately and quickly. To make the most of the tailored insights we provide, we work with sector experts and partner Minds&More to assist with implementing strategic and actionable solutions.

Sector professionals and consumers live busy lives. We offer a deep understanding of the various target groups and know how to identify, recruit and ask them the most relevant questions. We know which private decision makers (e.g. general public, upscaled households, etc), companies (e.g. independents, professionals, SME, LE) and intermediaries (e.g. brokers & accounting) to interview in function of the focus of the project (e.g. retail banking, credit cards, leasing, factoring etc.). This, combined with our in-house call center and access to vast online panels and business databases, means we can facilitate just about any client request efficiently.

Keeping you connected

We have experience in interviewing target groups across the full extent of the value chain

  • Regulators
  • Financial infrastructure
  • Stock exchanges
  • Payment & banking technology & software
  • Risk management
  • Financial messaging services


  • Bank & Insurance channels (incl. agents, brokers, traders, direct services)


  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Leasing companies
  • Accounting software suppliers
  • Factoring/debt collection
  • Accounting/tax/audit companies


  • Businesses
  • Consumers
  • Upscale and private banking clients
  • Investors


Working with b²sense on projects ranging from Customer Advisory boards to Brand awareness, CSAT and NPS surveys, what stands out is the constant quality and human element of the service, the speed of response, but most of all their knowledge of the sector in which we operate.
b²sense provides a unique and immersive ability to understand our business sector from our perspective and needs. Combined with great flexibility and attention to detail, they always go the extra mile to think with us about solutions and future steps.
Many thanks to the b²sense team! I think it was a great presentation and we got very clear and practical 'handles' to take the communication tools to the next level!

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