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Business services represents a diverse and competitive sector where satisfying and attracting customers demands significant efforts. With years of market research experience helping businesses improve their services, we know how to identify and deal with the sector’s varying challenges accordingly. This way, we deliver value-adding insights that help our clients understand relevant b2b needs and expectations as well as pinpoint growth opportunities.

For any business operating in the services sector, being able to monitor and keep track of customer needs and expectations is crucial. A fast and effective way of gauging such sensitive brand and customer changes is through Customer Advisory Boards (CAB). We regularly organise such CAB sessions in which our seasoned experts together with top customers develop lines of thinking on how to improve services, communication and much more.

Considerable inertia within the sector means attracting new customers requires significant effort and investment. To address this, mapping the right markets is key for identifying and realising growth opportunities within other areas and/or segments. Our teams are highly experienced in combining the right sampling techniques with the necessary out-of-the box thinking.

From businesses to influencers and brand ambassadors, business service professionals and users live busy lives. In order to save valuable time, we offer a tailored approach. Both our experienced researchers and trained recruiters from our own in-house call center have a deep understanding of different target groups. These resources combined with access to business databases mean we can identify, recruit and interview the right prescribers, users and external target groups efficiently and swiftly.

Keeping you connected

We have experience in interviewing target groups across the full extent of the value chain

  • e.g. procurement
  • HR departments
  • facility management
  • office managers

Key business decision makers

  • software
  • management tools
  • office tools

Users of services

  • accountants
  • consultants

External influencers

We have worked with b²sense for many years and know their research team as being a highly knowledgeable, professional and flexible group of people that genuinely care about helping professionals across our sector.

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