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The unicity of the health and well-being sector lies in its permeating effect on all aspects of life. With an increasing awareness and presence in our professional and private spheres, health and well-being are increasingly represented and interpreted in different ways by a multitude of actors (e.g. patients, doctors/ specialists, care staff, ingredient producers, health & eyecare centers etc.). Our extensive sector and b2b(2c) expertise enables us to think with our clients and generate insights that meet any existing challenge effectively .

With health and well-being playing a key role in the public and professional spheres, a major challenge for businesses in the sector is keeping up with the high pace of technological innovations and fast-changing consumer contexts whilst making the right business decisions. With more than 15 years of relevant market research experience in the sector, we offer a flexible and tailored approach aimed at describing the rightmarketstrends and developments as well as identifying and tracking key unmet customer needsexpectationsbehaviours and attitudes.

A wide spectrum of target groups in the sector means evaluating new products or techniques and often requires innovative and mixed methods to capture the necessary nuances from stakeholders. We take care to get the basics right and draw from our vast and proven methodological inventory (e.g. diary studies, ethnographic research, focus groups, in -depth interviews, etc.) to ensure we capture the right information at the right stage in the research. As such, our teams are eager to guide our clients along every step of the way, tackling b2b and b2c challenges methodically, accurately and quickly.

Health and well-being are very private and sensitive affairs and require a respectful, modest or even compassionate approach. All our interviewers are highly trained when it comes to conversing with respondents and where necessary, our proven online data-collection methods ensure we can gauge truthful answers from even the most sensitive of topics. This is part of our proven methodological approach designed to guarantee high quality, reliable results through efficient sample & questionnaire development, target group selection as well as our in-house call center.

Keeping you connected

We have experience in interviewing target groups across the full extent of the value chain.

  • Pharma companies
  • Medical technology
  • Eye care
  • Ingredients & nutrition


  • GPs & SPs
  • Dietary specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Hospital & care center DMUs
  • Dentists
  • Nurses & caregivers

Prescribers & technicians

  • Wholesalers
  • Retail
  • Pharmacists
  • Para-pharmacies


  • Patients
  • General public
  • Doctors
  • Nurses & caregivers
  • Care homes


Very smooth cooperation, good and open communication and always willing to turn our feedback or questions into concrete solutions. From start-up to delivery always consistent and to the point. In short: highly recommended!
Communication with b²sense is always swift & transparent which makes for easy collaboration and timely insights’ delivery. Everyone takes their responsibility at all times, so as a client, you always know where you stand!
b²sense provides a unique and immersive ability to understand our business sector from our perspective and needs. Combined with great flexibility and attention to detail, they always go the extra mile to think with us about solutions and future steps.

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