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Sector challenges and Solutions

Through years of experience in Telecom & ICT market research, we have gained and identified the specific challenges that exist within the sector. More importantly though, we know how to deal with them accordingly and ensure we can think with our clients to deliver the most effective and value-adding insights and solutions.

Research in Telecom & ICT moves at a fast rate of development, requiring flexibility and know-how to tailor to the needs and expectations of our clients’ specific context. Due to our continued presence in ICT market research, we constantly move with the latest developments to ensure our research teams maintain a high-level of understanding of the services offered in the sector. This allows us to break down complex content that leads to more efficient conversations with all profiles of decision makers, with or without Telecom & ICT knowledge. Where we feel greater technical understanding is required, we work with specialist partners like Minds&More to assist in preparing, or conducting, interviews.

We are not the only ones talking to decision makers and we are well-aware of the value of their time. Via a comprehensive preparation process, we immerse ourselves in their context and specify the exact questions that allow us to conduct to the point interviews efficiently with business professionals and consumers alike. After all, a positive experience for the respondent not only makes for more insightful answers but reflects well on your company too.

Especially in a complex landscape such as Telecom & ICT, it is important to reach the right people and organisations. We don’t just have a conversation with any decision makers, we identify and convince the most appropriate target group for any study, making sure to distinguish between final decision makers and operational influencers. This is part of our proven methodological approach designed to guarantee high quality, reliable results through efficient sample & questionnaire development, correct database selection and management as well as our in-house call center.

Keeping you connected

We have experience in interviewing target groups across the full extent of the value chain

  • Hardware & manufacturers
  • Software & hyperscalers


  • Internet & telco service providers
  • Digital platforms
  • IT & System integrators
  • Add-on service suppliers
  • IT support


  • C-Suite
  • Customer Service Support
  • Marketing & Sales
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Households
  • Individuals

End users & influencers

We have worked with b²sense for many years and know their research team as being a highly knowledgeable, professional and flexible group of people that genuinely care about helping professionals across our sector.
Working with b²sense on projects ranging from Customer Advisory boards to Brand awareness, CSAT and NPS surveys, what stands out is the constant quality and human element of the service, the speed of response, but most of all their knowledge of the sector in which we operate.
Many thanks to the b²sense team! I think it was a great presentation and we got very clear and practical 'handles' to take the communication tools to the next level!

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