Case study

Using innovative technologies to identify customer tolerances of building materials

Business challenge

Identical production specifics can still yield variations between different product batches, including on a range of different material properties such as aesthetic, permeability, and many more.

These production variations also impact installation and maintenance stages in the materials' life cycle. Ensuring quality control requires establishing real-world feedback across customers and climates.

  • Objective 1: We needed to define the right specifications of building materials and include the voice of the customer in the product specifications and quality controls
  • Objective 2: Validate C2C criteria and their specification limits with end-clients and installers




Information needs

  • In order for its quality control, the brand needed to know how and where its different customer groups (installers, end-users, etc) set acceptable limits/ tolerances for building materials in real-world usage


b²sense approach

  • Mock-ups of building materials from different climates were developed in a single location rather than in every country
  • Drones with ultra HD image capabilities captured all building materials
  • A virtual insights lab (VR portal) was developed to access the footage
  • During online interviews, respondents and interviewers viewed the different digitalized roofing mock-ups virtually and in extreme detail

Outcome & benefits

Insights enabled the development of a clear action plan:

  • What material characteristics (aesthetic, delamination, permeability, UV-resistant, ...) to be main focus & to invest in
  • Limits & tolerances to work within

Our innovative approach yielded a number of significant advantages on a number of levels:

  • Single mock-up costs vs in every country
  • Digital lab allows access to other-wise difficult to reach target groups
  • Digital footage + virtual insights lab available for future use
  • Increased appreciation & customer loyalty as innovative brand

Sector: IT

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